Dignity at Work

28 February 2020

As last week was Random Acts of Kindness week (week beginning 17th February) it seems an appropriate time to look at how employers can promote a culture of dignity in the workplace where kindness is the norm rather than the exception.

By promoting dignity and respect in the workplace employers are recognising the impact that unacceptable behaviours can have on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and actively promoting a culture which is supportive to staff.

Dignity and respect are intrinsic to ensuring a healthy working environment and here are a few practical tips on how to promote this:

•    Have a dignity at work policy in place, normally covering bullying and harassment, ensure all staff are aware of and understand the policy.
•    Keep the policy current, it should be subject to regular review and not just sit on a shelf.
•    Provide training for managers on dignity at work and techniques to handle situations when bullying and / or harassment is witnessed by them or reported to them.
•    Provide training for all staff on dignity at work and behavioural standards expected.
•    Nip it in the bud – if managers witness any behaviours out with normal behavioural standards they should speak to staff concerned about this.
•    Take it seriously, investigate any incidents which are reported and take any appropriate actions.

As well as the moral and ethical obligations on employers to invest in this area there is also a strong business case for this. Promoting dignity at work is likely to reduce stress and related health problems, reduce absence rates, reduce turnover and create a more productive, happy workforce.

For further information please contact the HR team by email to HR@evh.org.uk