Our Offer, Your Choice

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Our Offer, Your Choice

Who is it for?

Our unique new consultancy service “Our Offer, Your Choice” is aimed at innovative employers looking to offer flexibility and choice for staff to personalise their terms and conditions of employment.

What’s it about?

The world of work has changed rapidly throughout the 21st century which gives employers an opportunity to remain competitive in the employment market by adapting and offering employees flexibility and choice in their employment.

Our comprehensive consultancy service "Our Offer, Your Choice" gives employers the ability to do this.

This service comes with the following options:

  • Standard Package - we will meet with your governing body or senior management to discuss the process and available options. You will be provided with a report detailing the rationale for introducing the package, options available and a detailed implementation plan.
  • Enhanced Package - to take forward the implementation we will work with managers to put into action the recommendations set out in the report. This will involve facilitating group consultation, collating staff feedback and providing the governing body with a final report to discuss and agree.
  • Premium Package - this option can involve one to one consultation meetings, and production of all paperwork required including confirmation letters to staff.

Duration:  The consultancy is spread over a period of time because of the different stages of the process:

The costs for this service are detailed below:

Standard Package - £950 + vat

Enhanced Package - The cost for the standard package along with an additional charge dependent on staff numbers.

  • up to 20 Staff - £700 + vat
  • up to 40 staff - £1,050 + vat
  • up to 60 staff - £1,400 + vat
  • up to 80 staff - £2,000 + vat

Premium Package - The cost for the standard and enhanced packages along with an additional charge. The additional charge will be in line with our HR consultancy rates (£400 + vat for a full day or £250 + vat for a half day). We can be as involved in this phase as you like which is why this flexible approach to pricing is the practical option.