Equality and Diversity

TandC equality

Who is it for?

HR practitioners, line managers or other members of staff responsible for managing employees within their organisation.  No prior knowledge of employment law is required.  Also suitable for governing body members.

What’s it about?

This session provides practical tips to help your organisation meet its legal responsibilities.

It will take you through current legislation and how it impacts on everyday working life.

The course has been designed to be straightforward and practical and will improve participants’ awareness of their own responsibilities relating to equality and diversity.

The session covers:

  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • Protected characteristics and implications for the workplace
  • Recent case law
  • The implications of work and families legislation
  • The key legal principles which impact on equality and diversity in the workplace
  • Values and attitudes
Duration:  We can deliver our training sessions in a variety of formats.  By providing this flexibility we aim to make the learning experience as useful as possible.  The costs below relate to full day and half day sessions, so please contact us to discuss other variations.

Costs:  All costs are per session

1 day £650
½ day £350

1 day £910 + VAT
½ day £490 + VAT
Location:  We bring the training to you on-site or to a mutually convenient location.