Performance Management

Who is it for?

HR practitioners, line managers or other members of staff responsible for managing employees in your organisation.

What’s it about?

Performance management is a must in any business to co-ordinate individual contributions towards achieving organisational goals.  But in many organisations, there is no consistent approach and managers may feel less comfortable with managing and challenging an individual’s performance.

This session takes management teams through how to manage performance, with an emphasis on practical solutions and covers:

  • What is performance management
  • Measuring performance - organisational and individual
  • Creating a culture of high performance
  • The stick and carrot approach in performance management
  • Consistent messages in conditioning behaviour
  • Whose responsibility is it?
  • How to approach conversations about underperformance
  • Exploring reasons for not reaching required standards and ways of addressing them
  • The informal and formal process of managing underperformance
  • Capability dismissal
  • The risks of getting it wrong

Duration:  We can deliver our training sessions in a variety of formats.  By providing this flexibility we aim to make the learning experience as useful as possible.  The costs below relate to full day and half day sessions, so please contact us to discuss other variations.
Costs:  All costs are per session


1 day £650
½ day £350

1 day £1,300 + VAT                
½ day £700 + VAT

Location:  We bring the training to you on-site or to a mutually convenient location