GDPR Six months on

19 November 2018

Chamomile tea

This time six months ago many of us were up to our eyes in GDPR compliance, streamlining, and data clearing, with some anxiety on what GDPR would mean for us. 

Many information sources adopted attention-grabbing headlines, giving people and organisations fear and trepidation of what was coming after 25th May 2018.  But, it has been big companies such as Facebook and The Metropolitan Police that have attracted the ICO's attention. 

But what about the rest of us? Most likely we are all working away under the new regulations, collecting and processing data the way we should, only retaining what is necessary, and for the purposes for which it was collected. 

Most of us adopted some new ways of working to ensure compliance.  Did they work? Did you do enough? Have you had to make further changes?  Have you started all over again? Or, are you at a crossroads what to do next? 

EVH ran a series of very successful GDPR forums prior to 25th May, and now six months on, we are running another.  The purpose of the session is to give members an opportunity to discuss and listen to others on what went well, what didn't, is it still a slog to get colleagues on board, or is it just the way you do things now?

The session will take place on Monday 17th December, and full bookings details will be out later this week.

Who knows?  Maybe Santa will have left something under the tree for all those that come along!