Childcare Vouchers

31 October 2018

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With effect from 4th October 2018, the Childcare Voucher scheme will not be available for new entrants. 

Childcare vouchers will still be available for employees, but only if:

  •          They have not made a previous successful application for Tax-Free Childcare, and
  •          They remain with the same employer, and
  •          Their child is still eligible,
  •          And there has been at least one wage adjustment within 12 months

What does this mean?

Existing employees that are not already part of the childcare voucher scheme on offer are not eligible to join.   It also means that new members of staff that join your organisation cannot take part in the scheme.

What support is available for paying for Childcare?

The government has introduced a new scheme called tax free childcare.  Parents/Carers can open up an online account and link this to their childcare provider.  Any money that is paid in, is then topped up by the government by 20%.


Further information

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