Helen McGregor Award

Helen McGregor was a founding member of Shettleston Housing Association and EVH. Helen won the fore runner of this award in 2000.  When she won the award she said:

“When I received my MBE I felt a tremendous sense of achievement on behalf of the people of Shettleston and for the housing association movement generally. I would have to be sincere in saying that the Award from EVH has surpassed how I felt about my MBE. This in no way is meant to diminish the MBE but rather to show my regard for the credibility and prestige which is attached to the Committee Member Award. I also know from personal experience just how much esteem is attached to the award within our movement.  I can summarise my feelings with regard to my own Association and the housing association movement by saying that there is much to be proud of and much to celebrate.”

Although, sadly Helen is no longer with us EVH have named the award in recognition of her  inspiration and our wish to give real recognition to the very important role that people like Helen play as a Committee Member and their outstanding contribution to their communities.

The award is open to all management committee members in Scotland, excluding current serving members of the EVH Executive Committee.  Individuals who have made a positive contribution in the last 36 months (at the time of nomination) as a volunteer to a social employer, and currently serve on a Management Committee or Board are eligible for nomination.

Sponsorship - If your organisation would like to sponsor the award, please get in touch with contactus@evh.org.uk