Who is it for?

Today's managers need to be able to inspire and motivate their teams, as well as discipline and control.  This programme is aimed at current or aspiring managers and supervisors who may be the future leaders of your organisation.

What’s it about?

Delivered in partnership with VR Growth, Future Leaders is a proven 5-day management and leadership development programme aimed at those who have responsibility for the performance of others (now and in the future).

The programme takes participants through a series of modules that build upon each other, using leadership-based principles as well as a traditional grounding in management skills.  Programme participants will:

  • Learn about stepping back and being more strategic
  • Understand what employee engagement is and how to get it
  • Learn about the amazing power of effective communication
  • Discover the best way to influence others
  • Learn how to prepare team briefings and presentations
  • Learn about teams and how to create high performance teams
  • Understand the power of stewardship delegation
  • Learn about managing performance
  • Learn how to be more effective with their time
  • And much more

Duration:  5 days (one day every 2 weeks)


£685 + VAT        
Location:  EVH offices or another external location.  Contact Events@evh.org.uk to check on the dates available.