EVH/ACS COVID-19 Risk Management (v3 15 May 2020)

In any ‘unprecedented’ situation, there are, by definition, no solid lessons to learn from and this has undoubtedly caused some considerable uncertainty across businesses, public bodies and, of course, RSL’s as to what works can safely and legally continue as the situation develops and increasingly more information is published by the Government, Regulatory Bodies and Trade Federations.

It is fair to say that the construction industry (including enabling and ancillary services) as well as maintenance, facilities and statutory inspection works have been the subject of particular debate as these can clearly not be carried out from home. This has seen arguments of statutory inspections being required as matters of ‘life and limb’ being weighed up against the risks presented by allowing operatives access to premises (and homes) to complete these inspections. In debating the matter, factors directly associated with restricted movement also need consideration – e.g. the risk to life may be heightened by unusually high home occupancy rates should there be a serious gas explosion or other event which could have been prevented through normal maintenance / inspection.

All deliberations on whether works could and should proceed will require careful consideration of a range of risk factors and the various downloads shown opposite are designed to give an overview of the current thinking and main sources of information on key risk areas.

Please note, however, that the information pool is vast and changes rapidly, often with conflicting information being given by different sources or industry groups. Therefore, it is important that you supplement this guidance with your own risk assessments and research in order that the optimum solution for each situation may be found on a case by case basis. The list below sets out the content of the associated downloads.

► Permitted Works and Industry Guidance

1              Key Workers

2              Return to Work (RTA) Plans

3              Specific Works and Industry Guidance

3.1        Landlord Compliance and Work in Domestic Homes                                             

3.2        Construction

3.3        Occupational Driving

3.4        Gas Safety Checks

3.5        Asbestos Works

3.6        Offices and Contact Centres

► Safe Working Procedures and Risk Assessment

1          Virus Viability

2          Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work

2.1        Work Activities

2.2        Premises

3          Infection Control Guidance

3.1        General Precautions

3.2        Hazards and Risks

3.2.1     Social Distancing and Minimising Contact

3.2.2     Handwashing and respiratory hygiene

3.2.3     PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

3.2.4     Useful Links

4          Decontamination of Premises after Possible COVID-19 Case (Non-Healthcare Setting including Void Properties)

 Appendix 1 – IOSH Fact Sheets (Workplace Hygiene and Homeworking Ergonomics)

► H&S Management and Administration

 1              RIDDOR Reporting of COVID-19

2              First Aid Cover and Qualifications

► Homeworking Guidance

 1          Home Working Key Risks

2          Lone Working

3          Mental Health

4          Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

► Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Landlords and Tenants

If you require any assistance with risk assessing or developing safe working procedures during this challenging time please do not hesitate to contact ACS via the helpline number or using the details below. Good luck and work safely.

The ACS Team

0141 427 5171