H&S Asbestos

Asbestos is now the single biggest industrial killer the United Kingdom has ever seen.  It is also one of the biggest problems facing property owners, commercial tenants, property professionals and construction workers.

The Duty to Manage (Regulation 4) was introduced in 2004 but, many organisations have found it hard to properly implement robust Asbestos Management Systems.  There is sometimes confusion about the types of survey needed; legal categories of asbestos work and types of contractors; asbestos competence and training requirements; and planning and organising asbestos works.

It is relatively easy to fall foul of today’s demanding standards.  Asbestos management and asbestos works are technically and legally complicated.  There have been a number of high profile cases, where work has been stopped, Prohibition Notices served and legal proceeding raised.  In all cases, the root cause of the problem was a misunderstanding, or lack of knowledge, of the Duty to Manage.

To help address these issues, our Control Manual provides guidance on the requirements and your organisation’s responsibilities.