H&S Poster Campaign

H&S slips trips falls

Continued communication with your staff is the key to getting your Health & Safety message across.  Whilst there is always a need for more formal policies and procedures to ensure legislative compliance, it is also a good idea to bring fresh eye catching ways to get the key messages across.

To help with this, we introduced a successful seven part Health & Safety poster campaign to remind staff of some key Health & Safety messages they should be mindful of.  Posters (and personal postcards) were issued to all EVH member organisations and we have attached here a PDF version of each should you wish to print/email and re-run any of them yourself.  Topics covered include:

  • Accident & Near Miss Reporting
  • Electrical Safety
  • Environment
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Smoking
  • Violence (three posters in this section)

Let us know of any ideas you have for communicating Health & Safety to your employees and we will share with your fellow members.