Job Evaluation

when worlds collide

Who is it for?

Full and Associate EVH members looking for assistance in aligning jobs to grades, except for senior management posts.  (We encourage governing body members to seek our assistance in assessing posts at Grades 9 and 10.)

What’s it about?

We look at:

  • How to rate positions within an organisation and arrive at a system to rank these against each other or a central system.
  • How to identify the correct territory each job will occupy within any salary scale or set of grades.
  • For Associate members that don’t use the EVH system, we will look at your salary bandings and help clarify where different jobs lie within your organisation’s structure.

For each job you want us to look at, we will ask the post-holder to complete a Job Outline form and assess the form.  We will then meet on site to discuss the content with the post-holder.  We will also carry out further analysis of company or industry sector salaries.

Duration:    Dependent on numbers of jobs, but it is a good idea to do the whole thing quickly.  We will provide a report within a week of coming on site.



Our simple pricing structure is based on jobs which are evaluated at the same time:

Up to 2 posts £500 + VAT
Up to 4 posts £950 + VAT
Up to 6 posts £1200+ VAT
Up to 8 posts £1450 + VAT
Add £125 + VAT for each additional post thereafter.
If you wish us to present the report in person to the governing body, then an additional fee of £150 will be applied.

Location:  We bring the training to you on-site or to a mutually convenient location