Appraisal for Managers & Staff

TandC appraisal staff

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for all staff who conduct appraisals in your organisation, as well as appraisees.

What’s it about?

All managers who carry out performance appraisals should have some training.  Ideally this should cover performance appraisal skills – the ‘how’ to do it – and the reasons for performance appraisal – the ‘why’ the organisation does it.

Appraisers and appraisees should understand how the process fits into your organisation’s strategy and performance management, and how the information gathered contributes to the overall business strategy.

The training involves a mix of interactive exercises and discussion around:

  • What appraisal is and why it is undertaken
  • The appraisal process
  • Self-appraisal
  • Forming objectives, targets and standards
  • Preparing for the appraisal interview
  • Effective questioning and active listening skills
  • Performance at work
  • Training and development
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Duration:  We can deliver our training courses in a variety of formats.  By providing this flexibility we aim to make the learning experience as useful as possible.  The costs below relate to full day and half day sessions, so please contact us to discuss other variations.

Costs:  All costs are per session

1 day £650
½ day £350

1 day £1,300 + VAT
½ day £700 + VAT

Location:  We bring the training to you on-site or to a mutually convenient location.