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Redundancy situations generate heightened emotions and are usually difficult to manage.  No employer wants to have to make people redundant, but your organisation may need to consider redundancies in response to funding cuts, loss of contracts or other problems in the business.

Legislation prescribes how redundancies should be handled including arrangements for consultation, alternative employment and payments.

It is wise for your organisation to have a policy on redundancies.  This should set out the steps you will take to avoid to making redundancies and what you will do if redundancies are unavoidable.  For example:

  • What are your rules for consulting with staff (and the union, where one is recognised)?
  • How will you select staff for redundancy?
  • What are your arrangements for appeals, payments and redeployment?

We offer detailed policies, guides for employers, template letters and bespoke advice on how best to manage the process every step of the way.  We can also provide support to governing bodies when they need to assess options, risks and costs.