H&S Control Manual

H&S control manual
The Control Manual is the backbone of our Health & Safety Service.  It has helped many organisations to implement a full Health & Safety Management System – no mean feat!

The Control Manual sets out the actions needed to help your organisation to comply with the general requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act and the specific requirements of over 30 pieces of Health & Safety Legislation.

The Control Manual:

◾Will help you implement your Health & Safety Management System in a way that meets all your legal obligations by working through each section.
◾Includes a comprehensive set of suggested policies, procedures and templates.
◾Is a generic document, ready to be tailored by your organisation to suit its own size and structure.
◾The content of the Control Manual is updated annually in January each year to keep pace with changing legislation and good practice and issued to all EVH members.  

The main sections contained within the Control Manual are:
◾Policy and the Organisation
◾Work Carried out by Employee
◾Work Carried out by Contractors
◾Sheltered Housing

The full contents listing is available to view from the download section.