July Mindfulness Event

27 Jul 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

This event has now taken place, information is noted below on what it was about:

For July, Martin looked at sleep and how Mindfulness can help you get a good night’s sleep, so you feel rested and refreshed each morning, and ready to tackle your day.  The importance of sleep is discovered when you don’t get enough of it - you can’t focus, you lose control over your sense of reality, you even feel the urge to eat too many sugar-packed foods.  The right amount of sleep is vital for our body and mind to function.  But for too many a good night’s sleep often eludes us.

To help improve areas of your life at work and at home:

  • Martin has provided a handy booklet including hints and tips and a handy audio guided practice specifically designed to be used in your bed before you fall asleep –  the booklet and audio guide are available on our dedicated Mindfulness web page, just click here and use your member password to sign in to access these downloads.
  • The corresponding free session took place on Tuesday 27 July 2021 from 11am until 12 midday via Zoom where Martin gave hints and tips for using mindfulness to get a peaceful rest.

The next Mindfulness session is on Tuesday 28 September 2021.