HR Consultancy Service

HR Consultancy Support

Who is it for?

Any employer throughout Scotland in the not for profit sector.

What’s it about?

EVH has been providing HR information and advice to members for many years now and it has become apparent to us that some members require significant support beyond that covered by the Service Level Agreement.  This typically involves projects, demanding an on-site presence and an involvement in more than providing ad-hoc advice. Examples could include carrying out investigations, HR health checks or working on a change project.  It could also involve a one-off piece of work or a regular presence, e.g. a day a week, to act as an in-house HR advisor.

We have therefore introduced this additional HR Consultancy Service in order to allow us to better meet our members needs. 

Duration:  This is dependent on length of project, consultancy etc.


Full day £350

Non Members
Full day £490      
Location:    We come to you on-site.