Employee Wellbeing


Employee Counselling

Personal problems or issues can have an adverse effect on performance at work.  It makes good business sense to consider giving your employees access to counselling services.

Some employers offer certain facilities to staff, others suggest that people attend their own counselling.  Time off with pay is often allowed since dealing with issues through counselling may help avoid sickness absence.

Our specialist partner Rowan offer employee counselling services to all our members.  You can also download or read the attached employer and employee leaflets which explain the principles of employee counselling and the services which are available.

 Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing is now an important concept in thinking about employees' health and Safety.

It is hard to pin down an exact definition of 'wellbeing' but it generally refers to how a person is and how they are feeling.  In relation to employment, this includes both mental and physical wellbeing.

Several factors influence an individual's wellbeing at work, such as:

  • Stress levels
  • Feeling safe
  • General health
  • Ability to work

Studies have shown time after time that people with high levels of wellbeing perform better at work, have less days off sick, are generally happier and healthier, and are more resilient to life's challenges.

As the focus grows on wellbeing in the workplace, we are incorporating the topic into our Health and Safety and Human Resources services.