Glasgow West of Scotland Forum Mentoring Service


What is Mentoring?

'Mentoring is support and encouragement of people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.'

Glasgow West of Scotland Forum Mentoring Service
One key recommendation from GWSF: Glasgow West of Scotland Forum’s 2017 ‘Succession Planning Report’ was the need to provide a mentoring service provided by members for members. EVH has partnered with GSWF to coordinate the delivery of this mentoring service. For more information on GWSF and the mentoring service, please click HERE

How much does mentoring cost?
Whats more, the mentoring service is FREE for Glasgow West of Scotland Forum (GWSF) Members (please see members list, above). If you are unsure if your organisation is a GWSF member, please email: to find out.

What is a mentor?
A mentor is an experienced individual who uses their knowledge and skills to support the development of the mentee.

What is a mentee?
A mentee is a self-motivated individual who is committed to both personal and professional development and growth.

How are mentees/mentors matched?
EVH match applications based on the information provided on your application form, the experience of mentee/mentors, and indicated the areas of interest. Read the feedback we have received from individuals who have been matched, by clicking 'Testimonials', above.

How long does mentoring last?
We recommend that mentoring relationships lasts for a few months up to maximum of a year to ensure that a mentee/mentor fully benefits. However, the relationship can last longer, if mutually beneficial and convenient, it’s entirely up to you!

My diary is busy… how can I make this work?
Meetings are agreed in advance and can be flexible to suit both parties. Meetings can be carried out in many ways, for example: face to face, email, telephone and skype, and typically last between 1-2 hours. We also suggest that mentees take responsibility for arranging meetings with their mentors and avoid cancelling at short notice, unless it is impossible to do so.

What if my mentoring relationship is unsuccessful?
With any relationship, some will be successful, some will not. If a mentoring relationship is proving to be unsuccessful then we will help both parties try and understand why, and if possible, re-match them.

Can anyone mentor or become a mentee?
Yes, Individuals who are Board or Staff members in a GWSF member, can participate. If you meet these requirements, please complete the relevant application form (mentor or mentee) and send to

Can I apply to be both a mentor and mentee?
Yes, we understand that you would like to mentor but could possibly be looking for mentoring yourself. In this case, both application forms would have to be completed to facilitate matching. Also, if having received mentoring as a mentee and now feel inspired to become a mentor, please do so and complete a mentor application form.

Get in touch by Emailing or calling 0141 352 7434.

Furthering your skills & experience
EVH & GWSF have partnered with Scottish Mentoring Network who can deliver accredited mentoring training courses to develop and enhance your mentoring knowledge and skills - however, this is not essential to become a mentor. For more course information, please click HERE