Suspension at work

22 January 2020

Know the rules

Suspension is often seen as a punishment or disciplinary sanction – this isn’t the case. You should only consider suspending an employee under certain circumstances such as:

  •    when there’s been a serious allegation of misconduct against the employee
  •    there are legitimate medical grounds to suspend them
  •    there’s a workplace risk to the employee who is a new or expectant mother

Employer’s considering suspending an employee should think carefully and consider all other options. In most situations, a temporary adjustment to the employee's working arrangements can remove the need to suspend. Alternatives to suspension could include the employee temporarily:

  •    being moved to a different area of the workplace
  •    working from home
  •    changing working hours
  •    being placed on restricted duties
  •    working under supervision
  •    being transferred to a different role within the organisation

Only if all other options are not practical, may suspension become necessary.

EVH have developed a new information note regarding the topic of suspension.

For further information and to view the suspension note, please click on the link here