Free - Coffee Break Session

15 Sep 2020 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Many economic commentators expect challenging circumstances in the coming period. As ever in such situations, there is always the danger that people of more modest means will end up bearing a disproportionate share of the expected hardship. And, as many of you look forward to increasing the volume of new lets, it will be crucially important that new tenants are not then exposed to a potential further blow of coping with calamitous uninsured loss.

With that backdrop in mind, we ran a free online session presented by Matthew Cooke, from our partners at Thistle Tenants Risks.  Matthew covered the positive role that moderately priced contents insurance can play in helping better sustain new and ongoing tenancies. He also reminded us of the simple arrangements that Thistle have in place to support RSL’s and provided details of all up to date relevant contacts at his end.

The session was well attended.