Fire Safety Risk Assessment Hot Topic

13 Nov 2015 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Organisations should have in place arrangements for effectively assessing and managing fire safety risk, aiming to prevent fire occurring, and in the event of fire, to protect people and property.

This session has been developed by ACS Physical Risk Control to provide an overview of typical fire safety arrangements that should be considered to minimise both the risk of fire occurring and the effect of fire on people, property and the business.

As an organisation you must:

  • identify the fire hazards and assess the risks that arise from them
  • develop an action plan as the result of a fire risk assessment
  • implement appropriate fire prevention and protection measures
  • monitor and maintain arrangements and keep records

Under current fire safety regulations, employers, property owners, landlords and other duty holders are all identified as having specific responsibilities and the session will explore how these responsibilities may be discharged.

A certificate of attendance will be provided.

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