Bespoke Procurement

22 Nov 2016 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

This session has now taken place and was well attended.  Noted below is a bit of what it was about. 

The pressure to generate efficiencies has never been greater, and procurement is an obvious area where savings can often be found. However, conducting compliant, robust procurement exercises can be risky and resource intensive. Frameworks often provide an easy and convenient route to save the hassle involved in running your own tender. However, it is recognised there are times where either a suitable framework isn’t available or where your organisation’s needs are sufficiently specific and individual that running your own tender exercise seems the only option.

In response to this need Consortium Procurement now offer a bespoke procurement service in addition to its range of frameworks. Their procurement team is flexible in its approach to every project and is happy to work with organisations to discuss the best route for them.

The aim of this session was to allow you to assess whether Consortium Procurement professionals can support you through any procurement exercise from start to finish, delivering value for money and offering peace of mind.  

Tracy Harrison from NHC led the event, and was accompanied by Louise Chase, Procurement and Contracts Manager, and Gill Jackson, Senior Account Manager.