June Mindfulness Session

16 Jun 2022 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Update - This session has now taken place and  was a great session, very relevant topic at this time.  A bit more of what it was about is noted below:

Spring clean your mind - a guide to declutter your life and your mind:

The topic this time was on “Spring clean your mind”. Your workspace and your home can have a huge impact on your emotional state.  Live and work in chaos and your mind will be in turmoil.  If you want to cultivate an emotional state of peace and tranquillity however, declutter your space and your life.  We found out how with Martin Stepek, one of Scotland’s foremost teachers of mindfulness.

Look out for the next session - coming soon!

Remember that the Mindfulness resources from last year are still available on our website so feel free to tap into these at any time.  There are audio practices and booklets for each month, just click on related content and use your member password to sign in and access them.