Work/Life Balance

29 April 2016

work life balance
Tired of hearing the ding of your mobile every time an email comes in when you’re having your evening meal or even in bed?  Well, this may well be a thing of the past if the French get their way…

…law-makers in France are considering employees “right to disconnect”.   If this is passed it means that all staff will be entitled to turn off all accessible devices at the end of the working day.  

This could be controversial, should a member of staff be expected to read or respond to emails and texts or even answer the phone out of hours?  The level of responsibility should be considered, if a senior manager were to turn off their phone and an emergency such as fire, serious injury etc occur, how can they be contacted?

Do you feel guilty for turning your phone off when you leave the office?  There is a difficult balance to be considered and with almost everyone now having a personal smart phone, these are often connected to a work email account, it is not easy to resist the urge to have a look.

With different mobile phones for work and personal use, it can be easily managed by turning off the work phone when leaving the office.  However, there can also be circumstances where being contactable is necessary such as in the case of emergency, fire, flood etc.  

Think about staff and managers, what are their responsibilities and do they need to be contactable?  Is it reasonable to expect a response out of hours?