Why Manage Safety?

30 June 2017

H&S safety wording
There are three main reasons why it is so important to manage safety in the workplace:-

-    Morally:  No one should be subject to injury or illness from their job or workplace, it may be obvious that everyone should be reasonably protected but, are they?
-    Financially – Employees who have their health, safety and well-being properly protected will have fewer absences, greater morale and increased productivity.
-    Legally – Employers are legally responsible for everyone in the workplace, it is their duty to ensure the health, safety and well-being of employees whilst at work.

The UK is a world leader in H&S but, with 1.3million workers suffering a work-related injury or illness, there is still a long way to go.

Employees do have responsibility to reasonable protect themselves and those around them, it is most important that when someone identifies a risk or hazard, it is properly reported.

Risk assessing all aspects of a task will enable employer and employee to be aware of any potential concerns and put in reasonable control methods.

A “Hazard” is something that could potentially cause harm, injury or illness such as trailing cables.

A “Risk” is the likelihood of harm occurring and the severity such as someone tripping over a trailing cable being very likely and they are also very likely to fall and hurt themselves.

A “Control Measure” is something that addresses the hazard and reduces the risk such as a cable tidy.

All risk assessments should identify and record significant risks, state who might be harmed and how (including visitors and contractors), evaluate the likelihood and severity, consider  control measures and have a review schedule in place which is adhered to.