Trade Union Act 2016

3 March 2017

when worlds collide

Regulations have now been made to bring the major provisions of the Trade Union Act 2016 into force on 1 March 2017.

The following key provisions are amongst those coming into force:

  • 50% turnout requirement for industrial action ballots
  • Support of 40% of those eligible to vote in ballots in "important public services”
  • New rules on the information to be included on ballot papers
  • New rules on the information to be provided by a union about the outcome of a ballot
  • Requirement for two weeks’ notice of industrial action to be provided to employers
  • Six month expiry of mandate for industrial action (unless extended to up to nine months by agreement between the union and employer)
  • Restrictions on check-off arrangements
  • Publication requirements in relation to facility time; and
  • New picketing rules