Too Tired To Work

19 June 2017

Being fatigued in the workplace whether physically, mentally or emotionally can lead to mistakes.  In an office environment it less likely to be life-threatening than on a building site but, could easily result in accidents such as slips, trips or falls.

20% of road accidents can be attributed to drivers suffering fatigue and it can cause personal and organisation ill health, impacting on morale and productivity.

Fatigue can be defined as a temporary inability to respond due to mental, physical or emotional over-activity.  When fatigued, reactions are slower and problem solving and decision making ability will be significantly compromised.

At work, a variety of factors can affect employees including temperature, stress, overexertion, noise, night-time working and driving.

Employers should encourage and support employees to enjoy a healthy and safe working environment with consideration to wellbeing such as regular breaks and supporting healthy living.