Prescription Goggles

20 August 2018

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Specsavers recently carried out a survey which showed that over half of employees with corrective eyewear have protective goggles on top.  Wearing two sets of lenses can impact the quality of vision and increase light reflection.

Having prescription goggles will also ensure a comfortable and fully protective fit of the goggles which can be uncomfortable and allow dust and particles into eyes as they don’t protect eyes fully.

The survey showed that 29% of employers don’t offer any prescription eyewear and research shows employees in regular discomfort are more likely to remove the protective goggles and be at risk of incident or injury.

Over-goggles can be beneficial for short term wear or when occasionally required but, regular wearers would benefit from the provision of prescription safety eyewear.

In Scotland, the NHS provide free two-yearly eye tests, it’s important for all staff to be encouraged to visit an optician regularly.  Full eye examinations can offer a whole host of health benefits including detection and monitoring of diabetes, risk of stroke, heart conditions, cancer and thyroid problems.  

Providing employees with prescription safety glasses and encouraging regular eye examinations can help support the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone.