Office Bathroom Woes

14 August 2018

The habits of colleagues when using office bathrooms has a significant impact on others using the shared facilities.

In a recent survey, a number of reasons were given for staff not washing their hands:-

-    A queue at the sink/hand dryer
-    Dirty sink
-    Bad smells
-    Couldn’t be bothered
-    No soap/handwash available
-    Fear of colleagues being judgemental for taking too long

The survey found that 51% of people have been appalled by the state of the office bathroom and one in ten would avoid the bathroom completely if possible.  Despite this, 74% claimed to leave the bathroom in the same way they would like to find it.

The biggest pet peeves mentioned include:-
-    Not flushing the toilet after use
-    Not replacing toilet roll
-    Leaving make-up/dirt around the sink
-    Not putting rubbish in the bin