Multi-Storey Escape

23 May 2017

emergency leave
If working within a high-rise, multi-storey building, at least one suitable person should be identified to coordinate evacuations in emergency situations.  Evacuation procedures are required to ensure all employees, visitors, contractors and especially, the mobility-impaired are evacuated safely.

No one likes to think of an emergency which would result in an evacuation plan being put in place but, it is essential there is one.

In low-rise buildings, the time to evacuate is not normally an issue, even for mobility-impaired, it can be a fairly quick process.  However, multi-storey buildings present more challenges, the most obvious being the potential distance to be covered down stairs to get to an exit.

Staff training is key to ensure everyone is aware of emergency procedures and regular fire-drills can help reinforce this.  Anyone designated to assist mobility-impaired people should undergo appropriate practical training.