Ladder Safety

29 August 2017

Stop Think Act
Following a recent fatal accident investigation, the HSE are amending their ladder guidance on Combination and Telescopic Ladders, available at

Combination ladders

All users of combination ladders must ensure they:
•    carry out pre-use checks;
•    use them in accordance with instructions;
•    check the locking mechanism(s).

Failure to do so could result in serious accidents.

Telescopic ladders.  
The use of telescopic ladders is growing more popular due to their ease of storage and convenience.  However, there are issues due to the number of components involved and construction.

All users of telescopic ladders must ensure they:
•    pre-use checks on the ladders are thorough, checking the components and operation of each and every locking mechanism (often one or two per rung) and the associated release mechanism(s);
•    the ladders are stored well, transported carefully and maintained (including cleaning) as dirt and grit etc. can affect locking mechanisms;
•     they understand the limitations and likely performance of their ladder, e.g. strength, bending etc.