Hygiene Hints

16 January 2018

H&S safety wording
Ensuring the highest levels of hand hygiene in the workplace is the best way to minimise risk of bugs spreading around like the norovirus or flu.  Good hand hygiene will protect the spread of germs and increase employee wellbeing and attendance.

80% of infections and viruses are spread by touch.  A single bacterium could multiply into more than 8million cells in less than 12hours in the right conditions.

Ensure everyone is aware of the best hand hygiene practices and understand the importance of them.

-    Wash hands regularly, especially after visiting the bathroom and before preparing food or making a round of tea and coffee for everyone.  A recent survey showed that only 38% of men and 60% of women wash their hands after going to the toilet.  Proper hand washing can decrease bacteria on hands by 80% and the risk of illness by up to 50%.

-    Wash hands for long enough, a quick rinse under the tap and shake dry isn’t enough to protect against the spread of germs.  Wash hands for 45 to 60 seconds and dry thoroughly on clean paper towel.

-    Don’t use a mobile on the loo!  The survey also found that almost a third of people used their phones whilst using the toilet, whether playing a game, checking emails or texting a friend.  It’s harder to disinfect a mobile phone than wash hands.

-    If sharing a desk, keep it clean.  Hot desking can allow for the transfer of germs from the mouse, keyboard, telephone handset etc.  If hot desking, keep antibacterial wipes available to give the workstation a once over before and after use.