Hot Summer Feet

6 July 2017

Hot Feet
Warmer weather is certainly a welcome change in Scotland however, it can lead to significant discomfort for those wearing heavy work footwear.

Although it is paramount that the correct PPE is worn to protect employees’ feet, they should also be sufficiently ventilated to prevent overheating.

The NHS suggest a few tips to help manage bacterial and fungal growth:  feet should be thoroughly washed and dried at least once a day; before putting socks or shoes on, make sure feet are completely dry especially between the toes; wear fresh socks every day and; try to expose feet to fresh air as much as possible.

Common complaints include fungal infections such as athlete’s foot which can be very itchy and infectious, spreading easily to other people through shared towels.  Corns, bunions and callouses can be very uncomfortable and should be dealt with by a medical professional as soon as possible to prevent further issues.