Hidden Danger 1

6 April 2017

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For any H&S procedures to be effective, everyone needs to buy-in and be aware.  However, exposed wires and obstacles are easy to see, the dangers in offices that aren’t so easy to see are just as dangerous or even, more so.

It is important to remember the hazards that can’t be seen when reviewing or assessing any office H&S to manage and where possible, control the risks.

Carbon Monoxide
CO poisoning can lead to brain damage, paralysis or even death and is one of the most serious hidden health threats.  Also known as the “Silent Killer”, the presence of the colourless and odourless gas is often not known until symptoms show.

Symptoms of CO poisoning resemble those of someone having had a few too many drinks the night before or are flu-like.  It can be easy to mistake a potentially life-threatening gas leak.  Employees should be trained in how to recognise symptoms and warning signs in themselves and those around them.  

A Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to inspect, install and maintain any gas appliances including gas central heating.  Carbon Monoxide monitors should be present wherever there is a gas appliance or flue.  

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