Fair Recruitment

23 March 2017

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Fair recruitment processes such as inclusive advertising and reasonable adjustments must be followed however, it is not compulsory to shortlist an application only because they have a disability.

When applying, alternatives should be considered such as large print or written statements could be considered and if shortlisted, offer a suitable interview date/time and ensure an accessible venue.

Should an applicant request or demand unrealistic support to attend an interview, the employer is under no obligation to grant these.  Demands for travel, accommodation and catering for the applicant and their carer would not be considered reasonable.  The employer can of course, choose to comply with the demands but, can easily justify them as unreasonable.

Demands for interview support such as four cans of “chilled” Pepsi Max; designer suits; “Specialist” shoes; tuna sandwiches (with crisps); business class air fares for two; first class open return rail fares; a “relaxation room”; a full English breakfast and a new £700 laptop are just some unreasonable examples.

When an employer receives an application with such demands or from a shortlisted or appointed candidate, consideration should be given but, it is important to note that if unsure what is or is not reasonable, to take advice.

If the strongest candidate has a disability, the employer must consider reasonable adjustments and cannot automatically withdraw an offer of employment.  Any adjustments however, must be within reason although, there can often be alternatives considered such as homeworking, flexi-time, adapted DSE etc.

If unsure of what is and is not reasonable, get in touch.