Driver Safety

25 February 2019

Every year, there are thousands of road accidents in the UK causing property damage, physical harm and even death.  In 2016, there were over 180,000 road accidents and nearly 1,800 of those were fatal.

There has been a steady decline of road casualties in the UK however, there is still plenty drivers can do to protect themselves, other road users and pedestrians.

Staff who drive for a long time and/or frequently are at higher risk of being distracted and involved in a road accident.  Manoeuvring vehicles causes the second highest percentage of fatal accidents.

About one in six drivers engage in distracted driving at any given time, it only takes one mistake to cause a fatal accident.

Distracted driving is generally thought of as using a mobile phone however, playing music, eating or even just thinking about other things prevent drivers from fully focusing on the road.

A driver who has been working for many hours or haven’t had much sleep and those who drive the same route over and over again often fall victim to inattentive driving without even realising.

Many distracted driving accidents can be avoided by encouraging drivers to listen to their own bodies.  Most drivers can tell when they are too fatigued to function properly, or when they need to take a break and eat.

Accidents and fatalities continue to decline, both in Britain and around the world.  The goal is to eliminate distracted driving accidents altogether.  Drivers, safety professionals, and businesses can all work together to reduce distracted driving by bringing awareness to distracted driving behaviours, every driver can help make Britain’s roads safer.