Customers Valued?

26 August 2016

The importance of customer service in terms of revenue generation has been recognised over the years. Customer experience has become central to the success of every organisation, regardless of sector.

Prioritising customer service has become a business strategy for many organisations. Today, customer service is often a focus for all employees and stakeholders in the organisation.  With customer service as a company-wide initiative, problems can be identified and resolved.  Gaining trust and creating a rapport with the customer will have a positive impact on their desire to stay involved with the organisation.  For example, having a robust customer service policy in place will ensure employees conduct themselves in an appropriate and polite manner.  Empowering the entire organisation from the top down to better serve customers will generate positive results.

In today’s society, customers want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating their own customer experience.  The way in which customers interact with an organisation differs between generations. The younger generation may prefer to interact with organisations via social media whilst others still prefer face-to-face.  This is beneficial for organisations to be aware of as this can be the difference between good and bad customer service.  Organisations should consider methods to meet the social interaction needs of every individual.

Despite recent trends of prioritising customer service, introducing company-wide customer service strategies and customer driven social interaction, many organisations still fail to satisfy customer expectations.  When organisations ignore social customer service requests, they miss the opportunity to create a more positive experience and could lose out on valuable, candid customer insights.

Some organisations still take an inside-out approach to customer service, thinking about the business first and customer second.  When in reality it is vital that the customer is considered top priority to ensure organisational success.   

Customer expectations are changing and all sectors must evolve, or be left behind.