Basic H&S Knowledge

17 February 2017

H&S safety wording

An independent poll of 1,000 people working in Manufacturing, Health & Safety, Logistics & Transport, Building & Architecture, Food & Drink, Automotive and Retail & Distribution industries was carried out in December 2016.

The results are worrying…

- 58% of workers do not know basis Health & Safety rules.
- 60% do not full adhere to Health & Safety practices.
- 33% do not even think their workplace has any Health & Safety rules at all.
- 31% of employees would ask someone with a back injury to move and only 10% would call an ambulance.
- Only one in ten employees feel very confident that their colleagues would react correctly if they were injured at work

Whilst men and women performed similarly in identifying Health & Safety symbols, there were considerable differences in overall attitude to workplace safety.  52% of men said they know and adhere to all Health & Safety in the workplace compared with just 32% of women.

If Health & Safety is a priority from an organisational stance, this will only be successful if all employees have sufficient knowledge and apply the practices.  Hazards which are seen as small or not significant and ignored can easily become a major incident results in injury, death and significant damage to reputation.